In the current economic climate, nothing is more frustrating to you than the “disappearance” of a subject. The ability for people to avoid being located has been found to be much easier than many thought. It is in these instances that it is more important than ever to be able to rely on thorough and competent skip tracing. The requirements for showing due diligence regarding the service of process has grown in recent years. Our Skip Tracing department is very experienced and utilizes the necessary tools to be able to locate people in the new age of technology and social media.

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Can a skip trace be authorized over the telephone?

- No. Liddy Legal, per Arizona requirements, accepts skip trace requests in writing

What information would your office require to initiate a skip trace?

- As much personal information as you are able to provide to us. The following information is very valuable in locating an individual; full name (a middle name or initial is extremely helpful), date of birth, and the last known address (or in the worst case scenario, any address where the subject was known to reside).

Other suggestions which may assist us in locating your subject depends on your individual need, and information available in your files or from your client. This can save time and money. Some of these would be; other names, nicknames, physical description (bald, tattooed, etc), photo(s), a social security number, vehicle info (and photo), employment, trade or profession, involvement in any business(es), professional license(s), union membership(s), social organizations, spouse(s) name, student (adult or otherwise), any outside activities that might lead to the location of your subject such as a daily running or walking route (with pets), workout membership and gym location.

How long will our skip trace take to complete?

- It depends on the subject of the skip trace. Most aspects of a skip trace can be completed within a couple of days. Postal forwarding requests (made to the United States Postal Service) may take weeks, depending on the local Postmaster. Those subjects who are making an effort to not be found may take longer as well.

Does your office have access to Motor Vehicle services, such as copies of a driver's license, vehicle records, and MVD photographs to assist in your attempt to serve documents?

- Yes. Liddy Legal Support Services holds an Arizona Private Investigators Agency license. (Arizona Department of Public Safety - License No. 1003298)

Does your office provide Asset Searches and other Court Research?

- Yes. Our office provides basic asset searches as well as court research.




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