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Why utilize the Liddy Legal Online System?

- Using our system saves you time and money. Our system tracks every filing, service, or delivery requested. The system is updated throughout the day as work is completed regarding services, filings, and deliveries. It allows you to upload documents for service or delivery. The system also provides a process to "duplicate" a previous work order, and to submit multiple services without the hassle of cut and paste. The online system allows a special request to be sent to us without calling our office.

How can we set up an account for the Liddy Legal Online System?

- Register to use the Liddy Legal Online system, or to request additional information, please email us at – – Joe Liddy is your contact person for the online system.


  Once your account is created with Liddy Legal Support Services, a Login Name and Password will be created and emailed to you and your firm administrator.

How are notifications sent once a document is files, or a service is completed?

- The online system can be set up to automatically e-mail the legal assistant/paralegal and/or attorney assigned to that specific work order when the system is updated. It is possible to turn the automated e-mail notification on or off for each person, perhaps only notifying the legal assistant/paralegal. These preferences are set up by your assigned Administrator or by our office.

Can we suggest changes that could be made to the Liddy Legal Online System we feel could improve the system?

- Yes. Liddy Legal Support Services strives to provide the best service to our clients. We will continue to make necessary changes, implement more efficient procedures, and work hand in hand with you to provide a superior service and welcome any input you feel will enhance the system.




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