We here at Liddy Legal Support Services pride ourselves on our Courier department. We train our couriers to be more than just a “warm body” available to stand in line at the courthouse. Our couriers are expected to learn the basics of court procedure. Our couriers are expected to be able to call you if there is an issue with your filing, advancing of fees, or to assist you in solving any other problem which may arise. Our couriers must also have the knowledge and ability to deal with government employees and persons in the private sector. The courier supervisor, has the required experience, and knowledge of the judicial process, to ensure your legal documents will be filed to your complete satisfaction. We are able to handle all your filings. From the most basic to the most complex filings - or difficult situations, we have the knowledge and experience to handle them all. When you entrust your documents to us, be confident they will be handled properly.

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What is the latest time to file documents?

- Most courts have a deadline of 5pm, including the Arizona Supreme Court, Arizona Court of Appeals, Justice Courts and City Courts.

Federal Courts - U.S. District closes at 4:30pm, and Bankruptcy Court closes at 4pm. However, if you are set up for e-filing, they are available for e-filing 24 hours a day.

A few of the Superior Courts are open past 5pm. (Please take note: None offer clerk services past closing time.)

Maricopa County
- All four Superior Court locations have a "Night Drop Box". You can file documents until midnight.


  Pinal, Yuma, Apache, and Yavapai Counties - Each of their main Superior Court locations have a "Night Drop Box". You can file documents until midnight.

Can subpoenas be issued online?

- Yes. The Arizona State Bar has an online program allowing law firms to issue their own subpoenas for all of Arizona's Superior Courts. (Liddy Legal does not have access to the online system for issuing subpoenas.)


  Further information on creating your online account may be found at this link:

Can any case be e-filed in Maricope County?

- Currently, in Maricopa County, Civil (CV), Family Court (FC & FN), and Criminal (CR) cases are potential e-filing candidates. If the case follows the current guidelines established, it could be moved to e-filing. These are the only types of cases that may be e-filed at this time.

Can documents be recorded online in Maricopa County?

- Yes. The Maricopa County Recorder's office offers an online recording process. This allows a registered user to record documents from anywhere.

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